Why I Love The Theatre

I was ten years old when I first experienced a West End show. It was 1993 and I was filled with pre-teen angst, following my family’s move into a new home, the subsequent new school and my parents impending divorce. On a dark wintery evening, I boarded a coach full of strangers for a school trip to the historic London Palladium. The show was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph with Phillip Schofield. http://dlvr.it/7DP4Wg

Don’t Miss Saigon!

I am someone who is technically too young to have seen Miss Saigon the first time around (I say technically as whilst I was only 6 when it closed in 1999, I had already seen and fallen in love with Les Mis at that point). Consequently, the news that it was returning to the West End was, quite literally, music to my ears. Being the lucky girl I am, I managed to see it very soon after it opened and it was everything I wanted it to be. http://dlvr.it/7DNNYR

5 Reasons To See Once Before It Closes

The brilliant Once is to close in the west end in March, following Ronan Keating’s departure from the role. I have to admit, I was a little shocked when I read the announcement, as when I visited little more than a month ago the house was full of a happy audience. I found Once to be an uplifting and haunting love story that stayed with me for days after I left the theatre and indeed London. It does sadden me that I won’t be able to see the show again, most likely, and so I would like to present my top five (of many) reasons to see Once at the Phoenix Theatre before 21st March 2015.  http://dlvr.it/7DCDVv

How To Behave In The Theatre

I love the theatre. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember; there’s nothing like it. For two hours, you can lose yourself, and the rest of the world can wait. I love it.

But lately it feels like people don’t really want to lose themselves. They’d rather chat, text, eat – do anything, in fact, except sit quietly and watch what they’ve paid to come and see. And this bugs me, so here’s my guide to good theatre etiquette. http://dlvr.it/7C9Hmz

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A Week In The Life Of A Musical Theatre Fanatic

My name is Nicky Sweetland. I’m 37 years old and I spend most of my waking hours and a lot of my dreams thinking about musical theatre. I have jobs and children and a normal life, but like a football fan who knows every statistic about their team, I am fanatical about everything musical theatre.

Here is a week in my life. http://dlvr.it/7C8YpG

White Christmas At The Dominion Theatre Announces Full Casting

Full casting has been confirmed for White Christmas’ festive run at the Dominion Theatre. The production will begin performances at the Dominion Theatre (the current home of Evita) on Saturday 8th November ahead of press night on Wednesday 12th November. The limited run concludes on Saturday 3rd January 2015. http://dlvr.it/7BZh06

Urinetown, Made In Dagenham & Memphis Bring Fresh Excitement To The West End + More #WestEndUpdate

October is proving to be the most exciting month of the year so far; with new shows opening left, right and centre we are simply spoilt for choice. There really is something for everyone. http://dlvr.it/7BYzZ0

Disney gives away 1500 free Lion King tickets to celebrate 15 years in the West End

London theatregoers queued around the block in the miserable London rain earlier today in the hope of getting their hands on Lion King tickets for free as part of Disney’s promotion of Lion King’s 15th Year in London’s West End. http://dlvr.it/7BYzW6

Disney’s The Lion King: The Most Successful Show Of All Time!

In its 17th year, DISNEY’S THE LION KING remains ascendant; it is the highest-grossing Broadway show in New York history and one of the most popular stage musicals in the world. http://dlvr.it/7BSlpy